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Housing Market Intelligence

Altus Data Solutions include two national intelligence products covering the housing sector, The Housing Report and FIRM. The housing industry has long been an important indicator for both local and national economic health but given more recent trending, has been of increasing interest. Staying ahead of the pace of the market, pressure points and underlying causes is crucial for those in the industry; whether investing or advising. Altus Group offers two national intelligence products covering the housing sector, The Housing Report and FIRM. 

Key area covered in the housing reports include:

  • Innovative new housing projects across Canada
  • Market segments (first-time, move-up/down, rental)
  • Local market conditions/outlook
  • Renovation trends and forecasts
  • Demographic changes and implications for housing demand
  • New construction technologies/products
  • Changing housing policy environment
  • Lending environment 

A subscription to 12 issues also includes four issues of the Altus Group Housing Forecast, which provides a unique perspective on the short-term outlook for the new housing market by type of housing unit and region.


FIRM (the Financial Industry Research Monitor) is our quarterly, short-term outlook on the residential mortgage market and borrowing behaviour, dating back to 1994.  Our economists survey, analyze and provide their perspective based on the responses of 3,000 individuals each quarter to produce in-depth studies provided for this sector.

Our FIRM Clients

Our clients consist of lenders, investors, insurers, associations and government in the following functions and rules:

  • Market Research
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Product Lending Specialists – Secured and Unsecured
  • Customer Acquisition / Experience & Insights
  • Consumer Analytics & Research
  • Strategic Initiatives

How Our Clients Use FIRM

  • Stay on top of consumer trends
  • Internal client support
  • Supplement research
  • Competitive advantage
  • Benchmarking

Our Clients Gain

  • Brand loyalty
  • Customer longevity and satisfaction
  • Buying intentions
  • Product development
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Lender selection vs. banking relationship

FIRM’s Ongoing Measures

With data back to 1994, our clients gain a keen understanding of residential mortgage and borrowing trends, which assist them in their business every day.  The following are measures we track on an ongoing basis.


  • Mortgage details
  • Size of mortgage and average home values
  • Refinancing to a larger amount activity
  • Recall of lender advertising
  • Size of down payment
  • Mortgage insurance on property
  • Mortgage term, interest rate and fixed vs. variable
  • Amortization periods

Household Borrowing:

  • Incidence of borrowing with loans and line of credit
  • Car buying intentions over the next year
  • Types of loans and lines of credit
  • Amounts borrowed
  • Outstanding balances and maximum borrowing limits on lines of credit
  • Frequency of borrowing
  • MFI and lender for loan / line of credit
  • Satisfaction with lender

Included in FIRM

  • Summary report with key charts and highlights
  • Detailed tables in Excel format that cross-tabulate by question
  • Presentation of results
  • Opportunity to provide input on questionnaire
  • Ability to add proprietary question or conduct back to sample research
  • Availability of database for custom analyses
  • Ongoing support


For more information about our commercial investment sales data solutions and how we can empower you to make smarter real estate decisions, please get in touch. 


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